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Childhood Education Center

The Project

Benjamin’s is a bilingual institution for children from 1 to 5 years, with the aim of accompanying them in their growth from an active and free pedagogy, with respect to the individual learning rhythm.

In an environment that favors creativity, curiosity and personal development, where the teacher is an animator and every Benjamin protagonist of his learning.

Our educational program prepares children for basic education in the educational curricula of Spain, the Dominican Republic and the United States.

We have a staff adequately set up for children during their early childhood with spaces open to positive socialization and indoor team play, in our patios and pool area, our educational classrooms of up to twelve (12) children, give as result the fluid creation of life habits through game-work



Development, enrichment and correction of language and Oral expression

Socialization and play

Development of fine and coarse skills

Development of psychomotor Skills

Development of correct life habits

Yoga Practice

Introduction to English as a foreign language and a second language.

Music classes in charge of Espacio Musical

Gymnastics in charge of Set Up Training Club

We believe in the Relationship Educational center-family and its integral role in the education of the children. In order to encourage the team to establish guidelines for behaviour, to form attitudes and to transmit vital values at the right time is that we offer parents the following tools and opportunities.

Digital Agenda (APP)

Annual Activities Calendar

Monthly Letter

Evaluation reports

Group meetings

Individual meetings

Recreational family Activities

Music classes in charge of Espacio Musical

Gymnastics in charge of Set Up Training Club

Who we are

Milkeya Kalaf

Milkeya Kalaf

Founding Partner | Educational Director

Creator of the Benjamin’s educational project. A bilingual educator with more than 18 years of experience. Owner of Benjamin’s Santo Domingo. Educational director and teacher in English

With a vast experience as an educator of children in English from early childhood to adolescence, Milkeya has worked with bilingual educational programs in schools such as Carol Morgan, Dominican American Cultural Institute and Luis Muñoz Rivera receiving Acknowledgments for His Excellency at work. 7 years ago and with the mission of creating an affordable and high standards educational project creates Benjamin’s Santo Domingo with great success and excellent ratings on the part of the parents. Due to the family decision to move to the area of Bávaro-Punta Cana, Milkeya arrives as an educator in the area, and discovers that there is a lack of a comprehensive education center for what opens Benjamins Punta Cana. In this school year Milkeya will develop as a teacher Of English as a second language of the prekindergarten group and teacher of English as a foreign language in the group of toddlers, as well as academic director of the center.

Vicky Martínez

Vicky Martínez

Directora | Profesora de natación y gimnasia
. Nutricionista

Health Coach. Personal trainer. Certified in nutrition, diet and health sciences. Graduated in sports and Health sciences. Founder and Ceo of Setup Training Club. Swimming teacher endorsed by FEDONA with 10 years of experience

While graduating as a management computer engineer, she was a teacher of English for children, later trained in fitness and nutrition and worked as a teacher of physical education, computer science and swimming in a primary school for almost two years from where she came out for Set up Setup Training Club. In this area he has also trained instructors in various disciplines with the endorsement of ADEPC. So the work as an educator is a common factor throughout her career.

In this school year Vicky will develop as a teacher of gymnastics and swimming, approve the nutritional value of snacks and school lunches and take the administrative direction.

Our campus

The Benjamins enjoy a large family space, quiet and safe with excellent ventilation and natural light, as well as a large patio with garden, lots of shade and fruit trees

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